Who The Heck Is Madame Ro?

Hola! My artistic martians & DIY divas, and welcome to this altered state of reality~ which I call ‘my blog’. This blog is simply a manifestation of the right side of my brain in action. If you were to cut my head open (Let’s visualize shall we… yummy..lol) and expose my brain you would find a big, colorful, creative mess and that’s what this blog is. and I’m not ashamed to admit it! My name is Madame Ro and I am “Art”oholic…beware! this addiction is contagious so proceed with caution.

Who the heck is Madame Ro!?
My parents named me Rochelle but I have another person that lives in my head and she goes by the name of Madame Ro~ my creative alter ego. By day, I live as Rochelle who is an eccentric, down to earth, photographer/graphic designer & single mother of a beautiful one-year-old rug-rat- oh! I mean son- Cameron Jordan (who just so happens to be more creative and talented then his creative genius of a mother…wink). Rochelle is the more responsible, level-headed, and organized one. By night, after the bambino takes his trip to la la land, Madame Ro comes out and wrecks creative havoc and causes colorful mischief in her art lab~ which she named Dreamland. Madame Ro is the more fun, edgy, adventurous, and creatively crazy one who loves to push creative limits. She is definitely not afraid of color, she loves dimensional art. She is not one to be confined to a boring box. Why play in the sandbox when you can have the world as your playground.

My right brain at work
I am an artist. I was born an artist. I live, eat and breathe art. Heck! when I go to bed I even dream artistically. That’s how passionate I am about this field. I feel that art is who I am, not just what I do. I am most definitely a dreamer. I feel that dreaming is a big part of how my art is created. My creations start in my dreams, when all the pieces of the dream come together then I am able to manifest it onto the canvas (or whatever medium I’m working on at the time). And in case you were wondering YES! I dream in vivid, saturated colors!
Ever since I could remember I have always loved to create. I started out coloring, and then that led to drawing/painting, which then led to designing (graphic and photography) which in turn led me to where I am today, mixed media. Although I love dabbling into many facets of the arts. I’d have to say mixed media is my obsession.

In the beginning
I started crafting/mixed media not to long ago, September 2012. I got my start by creating cards and as my passion for learning, and my urge to create amazing art grew, so did the depths of my projects. I went from creating cards to altering gumball machines. If I had to pick a favorite on the crafting side it would be altering.I love altering items. I think it’s amazing to start off with one thing and turn it into something totally different. I’ve recently got into mixed media and now I’m hooked. I am a mixed media junkie. I enjoy playing around with different textures and mediums and learning new techniques. The best part of mixed media is getting dirty… I love it!

My style
When it comes to my artistic style I love to think outside of the box and try new and innovative things. I don’t think I have just one particular style, its always changing and evolving. I believe my style is pretty well rounded and I can do a little bit of everything, from shabby chic to grunge. I am pretty open minded when it comes to art and creating and I never want to just settle in one niche I want to constantly expand. So if I had a name for my creative style it would be: “Artistically A.D.D.”

My goal as an artist
I want to be seen as an artist who’s work stands out and not blends in. My goal is to be creatively indefinable. I don’t want my work to be predictable I want to keep people guessing and wondering what my next creation will be. I always want my work to showcase who I am, so I will always remain true to myself. I not only want to be an artist who inspires but I want my work to touch and change lives for the better. I want my soul to be seen and and felt through every piece of art I create. Because my artwork is simply my soul telling a story. So I invite all of you to come on this journey in my colorful dreamland as I share my soul with you.



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